accounting_bannerFinance Department

The Finance Department provides financial information to the public, bond holders, grantors, auditors, City Council, and City Staff. Maintains the City’s financial records, prepares the annual budget, oversees the procurement process, performs contract and grant administration, performs long-term financial planning, issues and collects sales tax permit licenses and fees, business licenses and fees, and acts as the liaison to the State in matters pertaining to the collection of the City sales tax. Conducts audits, prepares payroll and required reports, maintains cash management, investment of moneys, and administers the retirement of outstanding general obligation and revenue bonds and loans. 

Government Property Lease Excise Tax Properties (GPLET)

The following information is provided to meet reporting requirements per Arizona State Statute HB2213 effective August 9, 2017.

The City of El Mirage has no active GPLET leases at this time.