City of El Mirage Water


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The City operates a drinking water system that serves almost 40,000 people in El Mirage and Surprise. We constantly test and monitor our system to ensure everyone has safe drinking water.  

Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

Every year the City of El Mirage publishes a consumer confidence report on the quality of our drinking water.  Click below to read the annual reports from the past five years. 

2019 CCR

2018 CCR

2017 CCR

2016 CCR

2015 CCR

Backflow Program

To protect public health and the integrity of the water distribution system, properly installed and maintained backflow prevention assemblies should be tested annually. Backflow test reports should be submitted to the City within 10 business days. 

COMMERCIAL and INDUSTRIAL customers and homes with dedicated landscape meters are required by City Code 50.129 and State Administrative Code rule R18-4-215 to install, test, and maintain backflow prevention assemblies. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Public Works Department.


Lead Consumer Information

For information and an explanation of health effects of lead as well as steps consumers can take to reduce expose to lead in drinking water please visit the EPA Website HERE.

PFAS Consumer Information

For information on PFAS in drinking water please visit the EPA Website HERE.



Water is a vital resource for life and it is especially important here in the arid southwest. Having a long-term water supply is an essential part of sustaining economic health. The City's water service area has been awarded the Designation of Assured Water Supply and has demonstrated the availability of a 100-year water supply based on current and future demand projections. 

It is important to preserve our groundwater resources. Currently the City's drinking water all comes from pumped groundwater. We use a mix of Central Arizona Project surface water and treated wastewater to replace the water we pump to ensure we have a sustainable source. 



The City operates a wastewater reclamation facility that treats an average of 2 million gallons a day of of wastewater from our system. Once cleaned we recharge the water into the ground for future use. We constantly test and monitor the output to ensure the water we store is clean and safe for the environment.