Dial - A - Ride Enhancements

On July 1, 2017, the City of El Mirage partnered with Northwest Valley Connect to provide its local Dial-A-Ride services. Local El Mirage Dial-A-Ride service provides on-demand service based upon certification of eligibility for El Mirage Seniors ages 65 and older and persons with disabilities within the Dial-A-Ride boundary. The City of El Mirage renewed its contract with Valley Metro to continue providing regional service to residents qualifying for ADA services through Valley Metro Paratransit.

What does this mean to you, current riders of the Local (Northwest Valley) El Mirage Dial-A-Ride? 

  • You will have a new phone number to call (623-282-9300) to book a trip for local El Mirage Dial-A-Ride.
  • You can book your ride from two to seven days ahead. Same day trips can be requested for emergencies only (i.e. trip home from the ER or hospital, emergency doctors’ appointment, etc.) and will be provided on space available basis.
  • You will not need to fill out any new certification forms at this time.
  • Call operators will take your trip request and book a ride on Uber or Lyft.
  • If customers have a cell phone, the Uber or Lyft programs will text the time of arrival. If not, you will be required to be outside at the customer’s requested time for the ride.
  • The customer will not pay the driver a fare but can tip if the customer chooses.
  • Once a month the customer will receive a bill for $2 fare per each one way trip you took with the program.
  • Should the customer need an accessible trip, Northwest Valley Connect will provide the ride in one of their accessible vehicles.
  • The customer will still need to call Valley Metro at 602-716-2100 for (longer) Regional Paratransit trips. 

Local El Mirage Dial-A-Ride
Phone: (623) 282-9300

Valley Metro Paratransit Services
602-716-2200 or TTY 602-716-2118
Website: https://www.valleymetro.org/ada-paratransit