Fireworks Explained

With the passing of the new State legislating allowing Fireworks to be sold in the State of Arizona, each city has the responsibility to manage how and where fireworks are sold and used. Please feel free to use the following PDF links as well as read the new State statute regarding fireworks. Lastly your fire Department would like you to remember to keep yourself and the kids safe around these fireworks.

The City of El Mirage has prohibited the use of fireworks within its City limits.

Statute: 36-1606. Consumer fireworks regulation; state preemption; further regulation of fireworks by local jurisdiction

(L10, Ch. 286, sec. 3. Eff. 12/1/10)
The sale and use of permissible consumer fireworks are of statewide concern. The regulation of permissible consumer fireworks pursuant to this article and their use is not subject to further regulation by a governing body, except that an incorporated city or town may regulate the use of permissible consumer fireworks within its corporate limits and a county may regulate the use of permissible consumer fireworks within the unincorporated areas of the county during times when there is a reasonable risk of wildfires in the immediate county. This article does not prohibit the imposition by ordinance of further regulations and prohibitions on the sale, use and possession of fireworks other than permissible consumer fireworks by a governing body. A governing body shall not permit or authorize the sale, use or possession of any fireworks in violation of this article. END STATUTE