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Police Records Request

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  2. 1. Due to the number of requests submitted, same day requests are not processed. Requests should be completed within 10 business days of submission. If the request cannot be fully processed within 10 days, you will be notified via phone at the number you have provided below.

  3. 2. Certain reports cannot be released without a court order, and some information may be restricted as warranted.

  4. 3. Accident reports are available at:

  5. 4. Victims of Criminal Offense(s) will receive one (1) free report on their first request. Additional requests for the same info are not free.

  6. 5. Payment is required at time of request via debit or credit card, money order or cashier’s check. CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED. For on‐line submittals, records personnel will contact you for payment.

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    ** Items not picked up within 30 days of completion will be destroyed. After destruction, an additional fee may be required. **

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